Career Growth

How To Support Your Employees On Their Career Growth (Or Lose Them!)

How to help an employee on their career growth and also create a more productive work environment both for your company and employees in it? How are your staff being treated?Is there anything you’re doing to keep your best workers … Read More


Where To Draw The Line – Disengaged and Engage Employees

Among the telltale indicators of a disengaged employee are:Indifference to work may be shown by frequent absenteeism. If a person is often late or absent from work, their quality of work suffers. A quick solution is needed. Productivity will suffer … Read More

Working Moms In The Workplace

Among all employees working moms have a special place. They make up %32 of all women in the workforce according to a survey based on the US labor force. What are the best sides of working with moms in your … Read More


Why Do Employees Stay

By conducting exit interviews, many firms devote considerable resources to analyzing the reasons behind staff departures. It is common for such studies to seek to discover why employees leave, with the hope that by identifying the root causes of employee … Read More

Employee Retention Policy

Why Employee Retention Policy Is Essential?

There are several steps involved in creating a good employee retention policy. You may use this information retention schedule as an independent policy or as an integral element of an overall information management strategy. However, there are several best practices … Read More

Employee Engagament Survey

Employee Satisfaction Survey – Question Types

What is the purpose of an employee satisfaction survey? An annual employee engagement survey is conducted throughout the whole business and includes all workers. Measuring the level of employee engagement with an annual survey is a tried-and-true method. Surveys like … Read More

Employee Experience

An Employee Experience Guide

What do we mean when we say “employee experience”? Employee experience begins the minute a potential person applies for a position at your organization and ends when the employee leaves. You must listen to your employees at every step of … Read More

Fun Employee Engagement Ideas

When it comes to virtual team bonding we have to be creative. Fun employee engagement ideas are there for us to find them. We always have to search for new ways to keep our teams on track. Wellness ideas, gamification … Read More

How To Keep Your Recognition Efforts In Hybrid Workplace

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the majority of businesses have implemented a mixed work paradigm, in which some employees work mostly from the office and some work primarily from home. Working in a hybrid environment, on the other … Read More

PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) Detailly Explained

A performance improvement plan is a written, official document that outlines an employee’s improvements in order to keep their employment. Retention-focused programs are seen by many workers as the last step before being fired. All three parties (employee, management, and … Read More