Social Rewarding

Social Rewarding

By the hybrid systems of appreciation and gamified employee rewarding, trigger not only extrinsic but also intrinsic motivation which leverages the effectiveness of your rewarding budget.

Meaningful Rewards

To create a tailored experience for your team, add your own unique company rewards.


Reward Your Employees

Speed up the tactical steps of your company towards your strategies by smart employee rewarding.


Customize Your Rewards

Set most fitting triggers according to your culture (appreciation/celebrations/thanksgiving/rewarding and donation).


Reward On-The-Go

Send and get recognition from everywhere, redeem rewards, and cultivate a culture of appreciation at work.

Ready to Advance your Positive Interaction?

How It Works

Reward Employees

Select people to whom you want to send points/appreciate/celebrate/ thanksgiving

Set Point System

Manage point distribution allowances and set automated point rules

Add Catalogs

Manage gift catalog and integrations

Custom Rewards

Customize employee rewarding topics/ celebration frames/cards

Socialize with Others

Send/Notify announcements from company so practically to all employees or specified groups

Analyze Your Program

Get reports and lists for interactions

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