Interaction & Intranet

Interaction & Intranet

Build a smooth employee experience through meaningful interactions​.


Instantly Notified

Make sure your most crucial messages are seen by the right people by sending instant, targeted push notifications.


Engage Your Entire Workforce

Communicate with your employees even if they aren’t working on computers or just happen to be on the go.

Ready to Advance your Positive Reach Interaction?

Customize The Look

Decide the branding and layout of employee experience portal

Create Content

Create contents for modules (pulse surveys/announcements/events/gamified digital contests etc.)

Manage Communivation Time

Ster timing or periods of sending that content to selected subgroups of employees.

Filter For Relevance

Build subgroups from criteria of employees

Set Permissions

Manage interaction permissions and authentications of employees

Use Analytics

Get reports and analyze for the impact of interactions

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