Corporate Social Network

Corporate Social Network

Use Empactivo not for only appreciation but also for sharing social news, especially using photos. These social posts will help team building purposes.


Enhance Employee Branding

Nowadays people want to be recognized by a wider audiance; share posts at social media and this will help everyone to see the team spirit of your company. Turn your internal communication into employer branding at the same time.

Sustainable Communication

Collect Unforgettable Moments

Join the freedom of hybrid working order. Share your best moments for events, trainings, new products and teams.

Ready to Advance your Positive Interaction?

Create Interactions

Increase interaction with likes, comments, emoji features.

Shared On Social Media

Raise your employee brand by making the appreciation posts you send to your employees visible on social media.

Set Permission

Authorization can be defined as to whether the post will be made public or not.

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