Spine Health During Remote Work

spine health

During remote work hours, an employee spends approximately 8-9 hours in front of a computer. Sometimes it decreases because we modern people use laptops/computers for fun also. Taking good care of your body is the most important investment you could do for yourself and also for your family.

Spine-related pains, such as back pain, are common these days. There are lots of speculations in this respect yet not enough people care for their spine health. Because of those speculations, people may get confused and don’t take an action on it. Spine health is either about genes and environment or both together. It might get worse in old ages but it can be seen in every age group. You can solve it yourself with simple exercises. According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, the estimated average cost of back pain to workers is $34,600 per 100 employees.

Here are some basic movements to keep your spine healthy.


Twisting the spine is healthy if it’s performed correctly. First, sit straight. Find length in your upper body. When you breathe in enhance that length to your limits. When you breathe out try not to lose the length you just found. Calm down and slowly turn your thoracic spine to your back. Your site should also turn back. Keep your belly in and repeat the breathing mantra. Try to turn a little more at every breathe you take. Try to stay where you have come every breathe you give. Repeat this practice for both sides. Do this once a day at least.


Backbends are also very healthy for your spine. If you have problems related to your waist you can skip this exercise or at least consult an expert before applying it. Stand straight. Feel the soles of your feet. Keep your feet at a hip distance. Perform the breathing mantra. Every breath you take finds length in your body. That so-called length has not to be seen from outside. Feel and connect to your body. Keep your hands together in front of your hearth. Tighten your hip muscles to protect your lumbar spine from injuries. Find length for last time and by using that length start bending back. Then come back to your natural stance. Wait for 5-6 breaths to absorb the benefits of the practice you just did. Do this at least once a day.

Bend Downs

After applying backbends always support and calm your spine with a bend down. Stand straight. Think of your spine as a rope reaching out from your talent to your head. Imagine someone is pulling from both sides of that rope. Breath in deeply and while you are breathing out start to bending down. Push your hips back and up. You should feel your leg muscles here. Bend your knees as needed. After you spend some time here stand straight. Do this at least once o day.

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