Shoulder-Neck Health During Remote Work

The health of your shoulders and neck is very important during remote work and also in the office. Working in front of a screen for a long period of time means having problems related to the shoulder and neck. As you know, your body will carry you to older ages. That is why you have to take good care of it. How can you prevent having neck and shoulder problems while working remotely? Let’s see together!

The neck is placed at end of the spine. The first seven vertebras make up the neck together. That part of the spine is called the cervical spine. Looking at a screen without controlling how ergonomic your chair may give you lots of problems at older ages. In fact, some of those problems may seem easily solved but once a problem turns chronic, your body and your mind will suffer from that. There is a saying; “The best kind of repair is maintenance.” To prevent having problems related to your neck and shoulders all you have to do is check these headings.

Raise Your Screen for Shoulder and Neck Health

Using your laptop on your lap is not healthy! 😊 Place it in front of your eyesight on a lifter. How high your laptop should be? Let’s say when you stand straight, it should be in front of your eyes and you should be able to work without leaning forward.

Activate Your Spine

Your spine is your main lifeblood. To keep it healthy you should use it! Some basic circling, reaching and twisting moves will keep your spine healthy. You can find specifically orientated exercises for your needs.

How’s The Air There?

Consider ventilating your room frequently. You’ll be more awake when there is more oxygen in the room you work in. Researchers found out there is a strong relationship between oxygen consumption and posture. In another research, it’s found out people who work or spend their days in front of a computer have x2 chance to develop shoulder-neck problems.

shoulder and neck health

Quality of Light

When working remotely quality of the light is your responsibility. Look around your room and decide, are you working with the most effective light? If you are using very low lighting probably you are finding yourself closer to the screen with a hump on your back! Proper lighting is important as proper ventilation. Philips’ “Lighting, Well-being, and Performance at Work” research shows us lighting and your mood is directly related to each other.

Choosing Your Pillow and Bed for Shoulder and Neck Health

It isn’t all about the room you are working in. The room you are sleeping in is equally important. Think about a doctor who doesn’t wear a mask. Or think about an operative who doesn’t put on a helmet. An employee who doesn’t care about the bed-pillow choice is the same. Maybe the dangers ratio doesn’t seem similar to you. But in the great scheme of things, every profession has its measures that must be taken. If you are an employee working in front of the screen all day long, your measure is your bed and pillow!

These are the basic facts on your shoulder and neck health. If you have daily pains and muscle stiffness don’t underestimate your health and take care of yourself. Especially during pandemics, you may delay your physical routines. Now is the time to make up for your body.

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