6 Key Characteristics of Human-Centered Leaders 

Human-Centered Leaders

What is human-centered leadership? As we can understand from its name, it is an approach that focuses primarily on human needs. In this blog post, we will examine the 6 Key characteristics of human-centered leaders and examine how they prioritize the well-being, happiness and success of their employees and other stakeholders.

There are three basic features defined by Gartner in the human-centered leadership approach. These ; authenticity-empathy and flexibility. This shows us that, unlike traditional leaders who focus on business results, they focus on understanding employees’ emotions, motivations, strengths and weaknesses in a people-centered manner.

These characteristics allow leaders to be self-actualizing, care about the well-being of employees, and adapt to changing conditions.

What are the Characteristics of Human-Centered Leaders?

In recent years, with new generations joining the workforce, people-centered leadership has become more important. So what are the 6 key characteristics of people-centered leaders? Let’s examine…

1-Open to learning and growth: They know that the business world is constantly changing and are willing to try new processes and think outside the box.

2-Future-oriented: They focus on the present and look to the future. They effectively communicate the company’s vision and share business goals with their employees, helping them feel part of the company’s journey.

3-High emotional intelligence: They have the ability to understand not only their own emotions, but also the emotions of those around them. This helps them build strong relationships with their teams.

4-Open to feedback: They are not only open to receiving feedback, but also communicate well with employees and give quality feedback.

5-Authentic: They can easily show their unique personality at work.

6Empathetic: They empathize with employees’ individual needs and circumstances, enabling them to achieve a work-life balance.

The characteristics mentioned above are reflected in the way human-centered leaders do business.


  • Trusts and empowers colleagues.
  • He consults with his teams before making decisions.
  • It attaches importance to the development of its employees.
  • Celebrates success and learns from mistakes.
  • Communicates openly and transparently.
  • Creates a positive work environment.

To summarize,

Human-centered leaders are those who care about their employees, help unlock their potential and motivate them. These leaders play an important role in the success of companies by creating a happier and more productive workforce.

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