Employee Appreciation Quotes Boost Morale

employee appreciation quotes

Employee appreciation quotes are likely to inspire your group to work together effectively and achieve your goals. Here is how and why. By sharing positive quotes with your employees you’ll foster positivity in the workplace and that brings prosperity and bliss to the workplace… In this blog post we are focused on quotes but for more appreciation ideas for employees please visit this blog post!

Employee Appreciation Quotes About Being a Team

Collaborating is the key to success in any team setting. Since “teamwork helps dreams come true,” obviously. There are a lot of methods to inspire your employees, but nothing beats the simplicity and effectiveness of employee appreciation quotes. That’s why we compiled these motivational sayings to help get the job done, no matter what field you work in.

  • “Success will find us if we keep moving ahead as a group.” (American businessman Henry Ford, who started the Ford Motor Company).
  • “Believe in the power of the people, even if they number just a few. True, nothing else ever has.” (U.S. anthropologist and historian Margaret Mead).
  • “Each of us is little more than a single drop in the ocean. When we put our efforts together, it’s like a huge ocean.” A writer from Japan (Ryunosuke Satoro).
  • Incorporating a strong sense of cooperation into daily operations is a hallmark of great organizations. (Ted Sundquist, American football player).
  • The beauty of collaboration is that you can count on having people on your side at all times. (MLA Executive Director and American author Margaret Carty).
  • “The best teams have members who are honest with one another. They are not hesitant to air their dirty laundry in front of others, and are frank about their flaws, worries, and anxieties.” (American author Patrick Lencioni).
  • As the saying goes, “a guy might be a significant piece of a team, but he alone does not create a team.” (Former NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the United States).
  • We should all strive to become the kind of leaders we would have liked to have had. (Inspirational speaker and writer Simon Sinek).
  • The success of every collective endeavor depends on the dedication of its individual members. “Winners never quit,” Vince Lombardi once said.
  • “Our love is really immense. In this respect, everybody is welcome.” (To the President of Open Philanthropy and Good Ventures, Tuna)

Quotes to Boost Morale When There’s Failure

While everyone must experience setbacks at some point in their lives, few leaders are willing to admit them. But even in times of setbacks, it’s important to move on… This also applies to you and your group. Team members are more likely to give it their all if they feel safe trying out risky strategies since failure is an inevitable part of any new endeavor. As a result of the company’s expansion, employees’ ability to think creatively and strategically has improved. Share these quotations with your team so you may have an honest conversation regarding setbacks.

  • “Start by trying to do the thing you believe is impossible. Fail. Redo it if you must. Get it right the second time. Those who never attempt to walk a tightrope are the only ones who will never experience a fall.” (American talk-show host Oprah Winfrey).
  • “Surrendering can be done by anybody; it’s really not that hard. True strength, however, is shown in continuing to swim when all those around you anticipate you to sink.” (British author Chris Bradford).
  • If you really want something bad enough, it will happen. (J.M. Barrie, a Scottish author and dramatist famous for writing the Peter Pan stories).
  • “Take a chance and be bold. It’s time to start taking chances. Experience is invaluable and cannot be replicated.” (From the works of Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian author).
  • “In other words, you should prepare for the unexpected. And surprise them whenever you can.” (American cartoonist, author, and professor Lynda Barry).
  • “No matter how many times you’ve tried and failed, try again. As long as you’re correct the first time, that’s good enough.” (American businessman and reality show star Mark Cuban).
  • The gap between knowledge and action is vast, and the ruins of many people’s resolve lie at the bottom of it. (Austrian author Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach).
  • The best method to achieve a goal is actually to achieve it. (American aviator and author Amelia Earhart).

Funny Employee Appreciation Quotes

Whoever stated that inspiration can’t be enjoyable is clearly wrong. Your team’s dynamic will determine whether or not a severe admission of defeat or a comical motivating quotation is more suitable. And let’s be real: who doesn’t feel better after having a good belly laugh every once in a while? Research also shows that a good sense of humor and some laughing may boost your mood. Laughter is a wonderful method to bring people together and may be used to close out the week or kick off the weekend on a good note. Get a kick out of these humorous quotations about working hard and then pass them around the office.

  • It has been said, “If you can dance and be free without feeling humiliated, you can conquer the world.” (American actress and comedian Amy Poehler).
  • To become proficient, you need just beginning. (American author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar).
  • “Normal” is just a washing machine cycle, as the saying goes. (American actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg).
  • Doing nothing is difficult because you can never tell when you’ve had enough. (Canadian-American comedian/actor Leslie Nielsen).
  • “Be as little as a postage stamp. If you want to go anywhere, focus on that one thing and do nothing else.” (Josh Billings).
  • “Change is not frightening in and of itself… but your reaction to it frequently is!” (American writer, lecturer, and business instructor Jeffrey Gitomer).
  • An ever-evolving path to achievement. (American actress and comedian Lily Tomlin).
  • “The malfunctioning success elevator. Sadly, the only option is to climb the steps… slowly.” American businessman and keynote speaker Joe Girard.
  • “It’s human nature to make mistakes sometimes. Putting the blame on a machine is far worse.” (Robert Orben, an established American humorist).
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