Benefits of Internal Newsletter – Part 2

We’ve discussed the company newsletter here on this post before. Here are more tips and ideas on the same topic to dive deeper! In this article, you’ll find helpful information about the internal newsletter. And also, you’ll find some ideas about the post-epidemic state of the business world and how having an internal newsletter is making it more accessible.

Set up a company newsletter for each of your divisions to target a particular problem.

As times change, so must the solutions. You may be overlooked by sending too many emails, but establishing a distinct newsletter to deal with one particular problem helps you effectively convey the essential information to your workers.

While allowing you to address employee issues more detailedly, it also frees up space in your regular newsletter for articles on culture, events, and business as usual. Both messages are crucial, and attempting to send both in the same email would only lead to confusion and a loss of valuable information.

No one knows when things will go back to normal. On the other hand, some sectors are unlikely to ever operate the same way again after the epidemic. As a result, we must make every effort to fit into this new normal. You may build trust in your company’s ability to react to the unexpected by sending out a frequent email.

Even though most of the employees have been working from home for months, the newsletter examines how the business attempts to keep us all connected and in good health. In addition, it assists and facilitates access to any employee in need. The HR and internal communications teams could provide a weekly culture and news update. Email is introduced along with other HR-hosted activities such as digital cookery courses and a video from the CEO. Another difference between the two emails is that this one uses fewer design elements. The simple style matched the email’s serious topic, which was intentional.

If your message’s tone doesn’t fit the design’s, you don’t have to utilize it. 

 Increase engagement by including video into your campaign. It’s not the most crucial statistic for your company emails, but interactive content has been shown to be a solid technique to increase open and click-through rates. Include video in your messaging even if analytics aren’t a concern; it will keep your content fresh and pique the attention of more individuals. Because of this, more people will read what you have to say and take it in. Whether it’s a video from your CEO or a recipe for Spaghetti Carbonara, using video will make your message more engaging and memorable. There is no reason why an inside message cannot be both entertaining and instructive, as email marketers strive to surprise and please consumers. 


Producing engaging, high-value, and actionable messages are the three pillars of creating business emails that your workers want to read. Start by ensuring that workers have all the knowledge they need to perform well and remain loyal to your company’s purpose.

This necessitates a close look at how we say things as well as what we say. To reinforce your company values and engage your staff, send out a message to them every time.

Corporate emails with a marketing bent will be more engaging and result in more engaged workers. Research shows that engaged employees are %17 more productive than their peers.

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