Gamification in The Workplace

Gamification is a hot subject in the workplace, yet it is seldom applied. If you work in human resources, you must already are familiar with this phrase. However, if you’re still uncertain what this is all about or why it’s so critical then allow us to help you in gaining more knowledge about it.

Before diving further into the topic of gamification, let’s take a trip down memory lane. You recall how our instructors at school made studying enjoyable by using a variety of methods. And we used to focus on our lessons and compete against our classmates to win our instructors’ favor. Indeed, although times change, traditions do not!

We are more prone to act in ways that fulfill our need to outdo the competition. A similar tendency is seen in today’s workplace environment. Workers like overcoming workplace obstacles and winning them over. As a consequence, companies have resorted to the idea of combining game aspects with work to increase employee engagement and productivity.

What Is Gamification in Work Place?

Gamification in the workplace is an effort to make the workplace more interesting with fun tasks. It is used in the workplace to color it. When creating those tasks and games the aim should be to form an enjoyable workplace both for employees and employers.

Steve Jobs once said; “Great things happen when one loves their job.” Starting from this point of view gamification in the workplace can be considered as a way of making the work loveable. This application can be used for every age group but especially for Gen Z’ers.

People who are considered in generation z have a variety of needs when it comes to working. As you can read from our blog about this topic (click to go there) they are searching for a deeper connection in every stage of life. As this everlasting search for meaning continues Gen Z’ers tend to change jobs very often. Gamification can be used to create deeper connections among employees and give them a deeper meaning other than the job itself. This meaning will also help to increase the quality of works.

When it’s come to gamification creativity takes the bigger place. Employers and HR professionals can create their own games. Or there are lots of ideas that can be used. Here are some ideas for gamification!


Travel Games  

Incentive tourism is a very effective way to motivate. Employees will work very hard to earn the opportunity to participate in a unique trip campaign. Limited, high-stakes incentives are a critical component of employee engagement gamification. You would want to ensure that each section of your staff has a goal to strive towards!

Miles Stones Tracking Bars  

The human brain works with chemicals. One of those chemicals is called dopamine and it is responsible for the sense of accomplishment. By portioning the work and putting miles stones at certain points work could easily be turned into a game. This kind of gamification would motive employees.

Employee Recognition Softwares  

Employee engaging software can be considered as items for gamification. Using a scoring system for rewarding is making a game out of work. An employee gets scores for recognition and then can spend their scores for certain gifts from a catalog.

Gamification is a way of making the workplace a fun place. Every company can use gamification in the way they choose.

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