New Generation At The Work-place: Generation Z

Generation Z

How do they behave? What kind of changes will they cause in the workplace? Let’s trace together our new generation; Generation Z. 

 Who Are Generation Z ers? 

You might think Gen Zers show up as a utilitarian, risk-avoiding, nonenterprising group. While a paycheck is the most important aspect of a job, for gen Zers it is not like that. They don’t care for the paycheck, rather they care for their company’s attitude when it comes to climate change, hunger, and other global issues. They tend to choose companies that don’t hold back from taking an active role in main global issues. They search for meaning instead of assurance.  

Flexible Job Hours 

They don’t want specific job hours. Gen Zers see the job as a mission they have to accomplish, and they want to accomplish it when they want, before the deadline. They don’t like the obligation to go to the office, instead they want remote workplaces. 

Define Their Job Precisely 

Gen Zers tend to hop from job to job compared to Baby Boomers and X generation. That’s because they expect their jobs to be the same as in their minds. They get easily demoralized. They can go to pieces when they’ve asked to do extra jobs that don’t exist in their job definition.  


Employers better get ready for circulation. New generations are likely to change jobs often. It’s a problem for their leaders as to how to keep them. Companies don’t want to lose an employee who they’ve invested in. And it needs hard work to keep a gen Zer for a long time. But it’s not impossible. Still, new business plans that contain employee circulation will prepare companies for the days to come. 

Know Them Better 

There are pros and cons of working with a Gen Zer. For instance, they are born into technology. They don’t only know how to use technology but they also need it. %40 of the Gen Zers tend to be tech-addicts. In contradiction, they don’t make an issue out of their addiction. That’s because they are great at multitasking. They are dab hands of researching online and finding information from the depths of the internet. This pro comes with a con. Now with the attendance of Gen Zers, companies better take stronger precautions for cyber safety. Taking every single one them as a unique person is useful, non-nonsense tip for employers to gain trust of Gen Zers. 

Meet Them Halfway 

They don’t care for titles as much as the earlier generations do. They don’t want to climb the company ladder and arrive at the top. That doesn’t mean they don’t care for leadership and prestige. They want their company to grow and be successful and they want their role to be distinguishable in this success. 

Employee Rewarding When It Comes to Generation Z 

When giving them perks employers better think outside of the box. Of course, cliché perks like an office snack bar is good. But for gaining the sympathy and trust of Generation Z, the highlighted word should be personalization. 

Make Them Feel Contributed 

Just like millennials, they want to step out of line. They want to make a significant contribution. So, companies better plan their values according to their new workforce’s needs. They have to make them feel contributed. Even better if they adapt to the flexibility to evaluate their contribution. 

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