Managing Fear of Technology for Hr Pros During Digital Transformation

A rapidly changing world sometimes can make you dizzy. Adapting to the new technologies might be overwhelming. Even though it isn’t a piece of certain information, it is guessed that 1 out of 3 people have second thoughts on accepting new technologies. Under these circumstances, employees also often refuse technology and deal with technophobia.

History of It

Even though it sounds like a new kind of phobia its first examples have been seen in shockingly early times. Right after the industrial revolution, people put up resistance to the new technologies. So, in some parts of the society adopting those technologies had to wait for a getting used to period. The same behavioral patterns are still valid. First, teenagers and young adults accept new technology. After them there are children. Adults may remain aloof for some time. Senior may never use some technologies.

Will technology bereave our jobs?  

As the world gets more technological every day, a question is popping up: will devices/Softwares take our jobs from us? The answer is both yes and no. First of all, we have to face that technology is advancing day by day. Some jobs, for example, jobs that require repetitive hand motions are now taken care of by robots. Also, a new field of work shows up. That field of work is maintaining those machines.

Every day a new software emerges to make our life easier. In times we don’t learn technology from every aspect we might miss its beneficial sides. For example, we use Word and Exel separately. There is an opportunity to link them together. Lots of employees don’t know about that feature so they lose time.

What can an HR pro advise employees they work with?  

First of all Hr professionals have to make lots of readings about technophobia to overcome theirs. After they make peace with new technologies they can help other employees. There are skill-based training. Those training are also an option if the HR professional is suspecting some employees are having hard times while adopting new technologies.

We are using new technologies and new applications in our daily life. Technologies developed for work are like them. They aim to ease employees’ lives. After a mindful learning period employees will become skilled over that technology. In this way, employees will find time to focus on more important issues about work or even themselves and their sociality!

For those who intend to climb the organizational ladder, technology can be a friend. By having certificates on new technologies one can become pointed easily. If an employee wants to be necessary for the company, it surely is touching to have such certificates.

Technology is here now and will be forever. Hr professionals have to help employees to embrace this fact. Here is a reminder, in history, there was a time people decided everything can get invented is invented. So, they forbid people to invent new stuff. That was before cars, planes, and computers. Technology might be candescent sometimes but it is for us and us only.

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