8 Commonly Asked Questions on Remote Onboarding

Since everybody is working remotely, you may witness new coworkers are joining the team. Some of them adjust easily and some of them are still trying. As we know, our jobs are one of the most important aspects of our lives. So let’s develop a point of view about remote onboarding!

What Is Remote Onboarding?

Remote onboarding is a process by which new employees learn company culture, their jobs, what the company expects from them. Long story short, it is an important period in which the employee and employer get to know each other.

How’s Remote Onboarding Different From Orientation?

Orientation is a one-time event in which an HR pro or a leader introduces the new employee to the rest of the team. And also, it’s an event in which new employee learn their duties and responsibilities. After orientation, the onboarding period continues.

What Are The Benefits Of It To The Employer And The Employee?

Onboardings remind the team of company values. Every time a new employee joins the team, all the other employees go over company values again. That strengthens the core values of the company as well as feeds esprit de corps.

How Long Does It Last?

There isn’t a precise time for the onboarding process. Usually, it takes 3-4 weeks. The new employee learns the style of the company. They adjust their lives to their new job. So according to the new employee’s personality, it may take some time. It is important to give enough amount of time and be understanding towards them in that period.

What Are The Cons Of Remote Onboarding?

Physicality is lacking in remote work. Same problems may occur while onboarding. Surroundings are important while getting used to something. So, if they are not already surrounded by the same kind of environment it may take a lot of effort to understand the new culture.

How To Make New Employee Feel Welcome?

Employee welcoming represents the general behavior of the company to the employee. So, every fresh start is important under the skin of improving employee engagement. The new employee would feel welcomed with a package full of dried nuts, organic oils, and that kind of foodstuff. These kinds of physical gifts may remember them their co-workers and management are real people. You can mention their name and welcome them to the team in your weekly/monthly company meetings also.

How To Be Sure New Employee Is Doing Fine?

In remote working we can’t see each other, so we can lose the drift of phase. The best solution is to ask them! When an employee onboards, the company’s HR professionals should ask them how they’re doing, what do they need to feel welcomed.

How To Feel Included?

As a new employee, you also can do stuff to speed up your adaptation period. Be curious about your job and responsibilities. Be sincere with others. Speak about your problems to the HR professional. Remember this is a process and you will feel you belong in a true amount of time.

As we see, remote onboarding is an easy thing when handled correctly. If you are dealing with problems related to remote onboarding, don’t panic! All you have to do is list your priorities again. Also, remember this is a phase. So be patient with the newbie and yourself!

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