10 Tips To Handle Digital Fatigue

A new saying is taking place in our minds; “digital fatigue”. Employees sit in front of their computers all day long and all of their interactions are as digital as their works. They even order their groceries online to stay healthy. With the invention of the vaccine for coronavirus, humanity can finally take a deep breath. However, it’s not over until the fat lady sings! It seems like we’ll continue to work remotely. How can one maintain their mental health during this fear season?

Take Short Walks

We recommend short walks during work breaks if you have to stay at home most of the time. By storing oxygen during these walks, you will return home in a more energetic mood with a more focused brain. This is an important suggestion that will affect both your physical and mental health and also work efficiency.


While spending a lot of time at home your muscles can get lazy. As we know through researches, physical exercise and mental health are connected. Toxins are removed from the body with the sweat formed during sports and you have more energy. You can also minimize the damage caused by digital fatigue by taking good care of your body.

Create a Happy Place in Your Home

If you have not created a spot where you feel more comfortable and relaxed yet, create it immediately. This spot should only belong to you. Maybe you can brighten this area up with your favorite cushion, a book that you are reading currently, and your favorite plant. Digital fatigue? It will never reach you when you are in your spot.

digital fatigue

Meditate – Yoga

It is very clear that this period of time is affecting everybody deeply. And how have you been personally affected? You can understand yourself better with some meditation and yoga techniques as well as focus on the benefits of these hard days. It is a proven fact that meditating increases the control you have over difficult situations by increasing the gray matter in the brain.

Don’t Fight it Just Adapt

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a Swiss-American psychiatrist, says that there are 5 stages of loss and grief. These stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. We go through these same phases with every event that changes our lives and hurts us. We suggest that you embrace the situation and look at the bright side of things as soon as possible.

Use Screen Glasses

Your eyes did not evolve to continuously stare at a screen. That’s why being exposed to screens for long periods of time increases digital fatigue by exhausting the eye muscles. You can take precautions with blue light glasses which will protect your eyes from the damages of screens.

Eat Healthily

By eating healthy food you’ll have the chance to improve your cooking skills and take care of number one; yourself! It’s understandable if you can’t find time to prepare meals. If that is the case, we can give you some hints. You can prepare all your ingredients before the week begins. You can store your greens after washing and drying them in a plastic container. Thus, they’ll be ready for your usage.

digital fatigue

Misery Loves Company

Share your miseries with your friends. Don’t skip the laughing parts. Never delay simple joyful moments in life and enhance your social interactions. Keep the company you love around you to take care of you in tougher times.

Use Back Support

We recommend using back support pillows for your spine health. We know that sitting in front of your computer all day long is exhausting. Still, you have opportunities to feel less tired. Chair compatible spine support pillows can make a difference.

Stay Faithfull To Your Routines

Sports, screen glasses, eating healthy food, short walks are only ideas. The vital point is to turn them into decisions. If you take good care of yourself and stay mindful, you won’t only cure your digital fatigue but you’ll pass this period of time with better habits as well.

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