Employee Engagement vs Employee Satisfaction

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Employee engagement vs employee satisfaction is a relationship all companies must consider if they want an engaged workforce with high satisfaction levels. In the business environment, we might describe the idea of “engagement” as the amount of motivation and passion, both logical and emotional, that a person has towards their job and their contribution to the success of the firm. The concept stems from the English term “employee engagement,” created in the 1990s.

An “engaged” employee:

  • Has a good impression of the firm and shares its ideals.
  • Actively engages in attaining the company’s objectives.
  • Takes delight in the company’s triumphs and feels unhappiness in its shortcomings.

Employee Engagement vs Employee Satisfaction

Why should company owners or managers be concerned about employee engagement? Various studies have proven how employee engagement may impact individual work performance and the overall success of the firm.

For example, Gallup, an American consulting organization recognized for its opinion surveys done globally, has discovered that in companies with highly engaged personnel, compared to those with limited engagement:

  • Productivity improves by 17%.
  • Absenteeism falls by 41%.
  • Turnover (the rate of personnel joining and departing the organization) drops by up to 59%.
  • Customer satisfaction improves by 10%, and revenues increase by 20%, since motivated staff prefer to produce higher-quality work.
  • Profitability rises by 21% because engaged workers are more present and productive, more sensitive to client demands, and more respectful of corporate procedures and standards.

As can be understood from these results, there is a very close connection between employee engagement vs employee satisfaction. This is because if an employee is not engaged to their company, it is not possible for them to be satisfied with their job. What is the visible face of employee satisfaction in a company?

Employee Satisfaction in the Company

How invested workers are in their jobs may be gauged by their level of job satisfaction. It’s the satisfaction that comes from knowing you made a difference in the success of your employer. When workers are content, they are more inclined to commit to their current employer and to seek out more opportunities within it.

The level of happiness felt by employees at work has a direct bearing on the efficiency and success of the business. It is a measurement of how satisfied workers are with their pay, perks, and working circumstances.

What factors have an impact on workers’ happiness? Here is a rundown of the main elements that influence worker happiness:

  • Job satisfaction is directly correlated with how well an individual’s talents match the requirements of their position.
  • Employee satisfaction and loyalty are both increased when workers feel they are valued and appreciated by their employers.
  • Companies with a favorable work environment, where workers feel they can contribute to the success of the firm without fear of retaliation, often have a higher rate of employee satisfaction.
  • Employees’ motivation to come into work each day is greatly influenced by their compensation and benefits packages.
  • Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for happiness in all aspects of life. It makes life more enjoyable at work and at home.

How Empactivo Can Contribute?

We have developed an employee experience platform named Empactivo and this platform aims to raise engagement in the company. How do we do it?

Empactivo is an engaging platform designed to provide employees with information about the company and keep them informed about social and work-related topics. It can be customized for each company and serves as a feedback tool in addition to conducting surveys with employees. Feedback is not just verbal; it can also be given through a rating system and later converted into rewards. To learn more and schedule a meeting with our enthusiastic team members, request a demo today!

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