Employee Engagement Contest Ideas That Are Very Fun

employee engagement contest ideas

Employee engagement contest ideas are here for your use! Employees play a crucial role in keeping the business running smoothly and contributing to its overall success. Motivating employees is important since it ensures they will put up their best effort on every project.

To boost morale and productivity, however, you need the fundamental knowledge and skills to implement employee engagement initiatives throughout your firm. Therefore, utilize this manual and the very fun and creative employee engagement contest ideas to foster a supportive workplace and inspire your staff to pursue their passions.

Why Does It Matter If Employees Are Engaged?

Gallup found that businesses with highly engaged staff were better equipped to weather economic downturns, civil turmoil, and even a global pandemic.

The turnover rate for engaged workers is substantially lower than that of disengaged or actively disengaged workers. In addition, with an enthusiastic staff, businesses need not be too concerned about employee turnover.

Most importantly, an invested staff may boost the company’s bottom line. Employees who are present and involved in their jobs do better than those who aren’t.

How to Maintain High Morale in the Workplace

Follow this 6-step framework to increase employee engagement by showing rational trust, emotional gratification, and tangible actions.

We’re All Playing Our Parts

Employee retention requires thinking beyond the box of traditional job descriptions. Locate training opportunities for your staff. Focus on employee strengths and motivations to discover where engagement might be boosted.

Curriculums for Learning

Don’t only foster an atmosphere of responsibility and assignment in your management style. Train them actively to work together, take ownership of their job, and find creative solutions to issues that arise.

Task Importance and Labor That Matters

Employees who are invested in their jobs and feel they are making a difference may help the organization achieve its goals.

Make Frequent Checks – Employee Engagement Contest Ideas

Employees in today’s businesses benefit greatly from frequent feedback and employee engagement surveys, which in turn boost productivity and cut down on waste.

Frequent Talks of Getting Engaged

The most effective leaders are those who don’t hide their strategies for boosting employee participation. They have a team meeting to talk about the issue. They encourage participation by hosting “engagement” meetings where attendees may “engage” in problem-solving.

Inspire Your Staff – Employee Engagement Contest Ideas

Encourage internal collaboration with minimum external intervention to promote ownership of their work. This creates a culture of accountability and trust across the company.

When they are seen as nothing more than a means to an end, many workers decide to quit their current positions. If workers are allowed to weigh in on major choices and take initiative with little oversight, they will get the self-assurance they need to succeed in their roles. They will grow to be important contributors to your organization. From there, you may maintain worker interest for the foreseeable future.

Very Fun and Recreational Employee Engagement Contest Ideas

Day of Creativity

Plan an artistic excursion consisting of many art-related activities spread out over the course of a day.

Theatre Group

A theatre club, similar to those found in high schools, may attract a lot of employees by providing them with a variety of fun opportunities. These performances are perfect for workplace get-togethers.

Puzzle Room/Escape Game – Employee Engagement Contest Ideas

The objective of this game, which goes by several names including “escape game,” “puzzle room,” and “escape game,” is for a team of players to work together to solve a series of puzzles and accomplish a series of objectives within a certain amount of time.

Let’s Watch a Movie as a Group

Provide popcorn, soda, and sweets for your group’s favorite movie. Throughout the year, they will reflect on their time together.

Dine in Mystery

Have you heard of those murder mystery lunches when people get all dressed up and try to figure out who everyone is? Use that inspiration to organize a secret lunch for your staff.

Learning Over Lunch – Employee Engagement Contest Ideas

Consider hosting a workshop or seminar on a subject that has great demand, such as how to make coffee, take care of aging parents, file taxes, or improve one’s own health and well-being. Instead, you should conduct a poll among your staff to find out what information they would find most useful and build from there.

Take a Spinning

It’s a great chance to meet new people on board and break the ice with the staff. Have your team spin a wheel, and when they land on different topics, they must provide an answer.

Pizza Party in Cyberspace

Motivating employees may be as simple as throwing a pizza party online. Send pizza to everyone’s house and encourage them to host virtual pizza parties over the week.

Empacrivo – Employee Engagement Contest Ideas

The revolutionary Empactivo software for improving the employee experience is changing the way businesses interact with their staff. Help coordinate staff engagement actions and make sure everyone is on the same page using Empactivo’s communication features like notifications and comments. The application may be used to inform workers about future events and corporate updates, for instance. The commenting option gives workers a platform to express their opinions and encourages open dialogue in the workplace. Employers that use Empactivo may raise morale and productivity by keeping workers informed and involved. Click the link to request a demo!

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