Hybrid Team Building Activities: Keeping Your Team Connected in a Remote Work Environment

hybrid team building activities

How to manage hybrid team building activities in remote work setting? Many businesses have gone remote due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Although there are certain benefits to working from home, such as saving time and money on commutes, there are also some disadvantages to consider. When working with a distributed team, maintaining communication and motivation may be difficult. Team building exercises are a great method to get people comfortable working together. Working remotely, though, may make it difficult to engage in certain more conventional forms of team development. That’s why it’s important to include hybrid team development exercises. This post will discuss the concept of hybrid team building activities and present some examples to assist you maintain communication within a distributed team.

Can You Explain Hybrid Team Building Activities?

Hybrid team development exercises are those that include both online and offline components. Their purpose is to foster camaraderie and participation among dispersed teams. No matter where your team members may be located, a hybrid team building activity may bring everyone together for a memorable experience.

Here Are Some Hybrid Team Building Exercises to Try

An Online Treasure Hunt

As a team building exercise, a digital treasure hunt can’t be beat. To organize a digital treasure hunt, make a list of objects that players have lying about their houses. To organize the meeting and distribute the agenda, you may utilize a platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. If your group is the first to locate everything on the list, you win!

An Electronic Room-Escape Game

While escape rooms are a fun way to bond as a team, they may not necessarily work for distributed teams. However, you and your team may undertake an escape room in virtual reality without ever leaving your house. Escape Room Maker and Breakout EDU are just two examples of the many websites that provide tools for making your own escape games.

An Online Reading Group

One strategy to get your staff to read and talk about books together is to start a virtual book club. You have the option of picking a book that is either instructive or entertaining to you. Meetings for your book club may be held using a platform like Goodreads or Zoom. Discussion questions may also be provided to assist steer the discourse.

Physical, Outdoor Events

It is also possible to organize in-person outdoor activities for your team, provided that doing so is feasible. Hiking, kayaking, or even just a picnic might fall within this category. Team members may bond and share a common experience via in-person events. Naturally, you need to adhere to local health regulations and make sure everyone participating is safe.


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Conclusion Hybrid Team Building Activities

When you have a distributed team, it might be difficult to maintain communication and participation. You may build a sense of community and cooperation by mixing online and offline activities. The trick is to design an activity that is both fun and significant for your team, whether it be a virtual treasure hunt, an escape room, a virtual reading club, or an actual outdoor outing. Even in a distributed workplace, you can keep your team engaged and energized with the aid of these hybrid approaches to team development.

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