The Ultimate Engaging Remote Workers Toolkit (That Won’t Put You to Sleep)

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Hey there, fellow remote worker wrangler! So, you’re looking for ways to make your team more engaged, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place. And don’t worry, we promise this won’t be as boring as your last team-building workshop.

In the world of remote work, keeping your team engaged is more important than ever. Without in-person interactions and office perks, it can be easy for your team to feel disconnected and disengaged. But fear not, because we’ve compiled the ultimate engaging remote workers toolkit to help bring your team back to life.

Virtual Coffee Breaks

Just because you’re not in the same office doesn’t mean you can’t grab a cup of coffee together. Set up a weekly virtual coffee break where everyone can catch up, share stories, and talk about non-work-related things. It’s a great way to build relationships and boost morale.

Online Games

Who says games are just for kids? There are plenty of online games that can be played remotely, like Jackbox or Among Us. Schedule a game night with your team and get ready for some friendly competition. Not only does it break up the monotony of work, but it also helps build teamwork and communication skills.

Virtual Happy Hours

Just like coffee breaks, virtual happy hours are a great way to unwind and connect with your team. Set up a video call and enjoy some drinks together (just be sure to drink responsibly). You can even make it a themed happy hour, like a tropical cocktail night or a wine and cheese tasting.

Employee Recognition

Remote workers can often feel like their hard work goes unnoticed. Make sure to regularly recognize and appreciate your team members for their contributions. It can be as simple as a shoutout in a team meeting or a handwritten thank-you note.

Virtual Book Club

Reading is good for the mind and soul, and it’s even better when you can discuss it with others. Start a virtual book club with your team and choose a book to read together. Schedule a monthly meeting to discuss the book and share your thoughts. It’s a great way to learn from each other and build a community of readers.

So there you have it, folks. The ultimate engaging remote workers toolkit. We hope these ideas will help bring your team together and keep them engaged. And who knows, you might even have some fun along the way.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a virtual happy hour to attend. Cheers!

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