What is Digital Employee Engagement?

digital employee engagement

In this piece, we will discuss what digital employee engagement is and what is being done to enhance it. Here we go… Companies that are in the process of or about to begin a digital transformation would do well to prioritize employee engagement. Knowing the degree of engagement of employees helps you to steer the evolution phase by including collaborators and managers and making them protagonists of the growth of the firm. This is especially true when it comes to digital transformation and internal change projects.

Digital Employee Engagement

The digital transition is a well-defined course of action that affects every part of an organization and, as with any kind of change, causes people to push back and rethink their assumptions about the future of the business, its place in the market, the distribution of formal and informal authority within the organization, and their own potential roles within it.

If one becomes preoccupied with technical progress to the exclusion of everything else, as has been seen in earlier periods of transition, one runs the danger of losing touch with the pulse of the population and therefore missing the mark. Employee engagement, which we define as “people’s proactivity towards transformation,” “their willingness to change,” “how much energy they channel towards the goal,” “how much they recognize themselves in the company project,” “if they feel involved and allies of the transformation,” and so on, has decreased.

So, we believe it is crucial for businesses to combine effective digital transformation planning with an early assessment of employee and management engagement in digital change to learn how to define future steps.

How to Know Digital Employee Engagement is Occurring in Your Company?

By taking this “picture,” the firm can better understand how its employees feel about the digital transformation, how they feel about the company’s initiative, and where the organization needs to make changes to better support the transition. The clarity of the digital transformation project, the presence or absence of anxiety over the digital growth of the organization, and the attitude of collaborators towards this sort of change may all be gauged by measuring the amount of employee engagement.

The survey, which was created over the course of the last two years via pilot testing at a select number of businesses, centres on five characteristics that are examined both statistically and subjectively by means of two novel methods of analysis. This allows one to gauge the amount of interest or prospective participation in the ongoing transformation inside an organization.

Digital Face of Digital Employee Engagement

There are the revolutionaries, who want digitalization and are advocates for any change, the stakeholders, who promote changes that increase productivity, the neutrals, who accept the change will take place (and do so with good reason), the uncertain, who accept the change (despite themselves), the resistant, who view change skeptically, and the difficult, who show fear of digital change. In light of this, the poll may be invaluable for gauging public opinion and planning further steps in the digital transformation initiative.

Since digital transformation is not like previous types of evolution that a firm may have seen before, we’ve created a digital employee experience platform of intervention, analysis, and monitoring to help guide business decisions as Empactivo. We think it’s important to keep an eye on how people are participating in the digital transformation so that we can facilitate managers’ and employees’ paradigm shift processes, on both the cognitive and behavioral levels, and thus better equip them to form their own understanding of the changes that are currently underway or under construction. Click here to request a demo!

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