The Truth About Employee Engagement

The truth about employee engagement

What is the truth about employee engagement? This is a hot subject in the discussion of how to engage employees. While the meaning of the abstractness in this saying (employee engagement) frees us from being confined to a single point, it also makes it difficult for us to explain it.

In my opinion, the best way to describe employee engagement is by combining the clarity of science with the strength of intuition. When it comes down to it, employee engagement is a psychological phenomenon. Employees’ dedication to their jobs and the firm they represent directly impact the caliber of the final product (which might be a service) and the company’s standing in the marketplace.

The Book – The Truth About Employee Engagement

The Truth About Employee Engagement, by Patrick Lencioni, does a great job of addressing the topic of employee engagement. “Life is too short to be unhappy at work”, as the author puts it. He continues, “but you shouldn’t lay the blame on your employment situation. The way you approach your work determines whether your position is meaningful.”
Here’s a more accurate summary of employee engagement: Organizational success depends on how invested employees are in their work. It’s what gives you the strength to find significance in even the smallest tasks. That’s why it’s just as important, if not more so, to think about this aspect of things as you do the actual task. In the same way that a plant needs good soil in order to grow and flourish, a firm needs engaged employees.
Now, if you want, we can use the soil and plant analogy to further dissect the truth about employee engagement. A plant needs the right quantity of water in its soil to flourish there. Yet water isn’t enough—the soil needs to have nutrients like phosphorus and potassium. Weeding away the diseased or otherwise unhealthy sections of the plant is also necessary for its overall health.

The Lifeblood of Employee Engagement – Open Communication

One way or another, every business has to allow its employees to talk to one another. As we’ve discussed in prior pieces, an employee newsletter is one possible means of spreading the word. Check out this piece if you want some pointers on improving your company’s newsletter. As a group, the Empactivo staff values open and honest dialogue highly. We have taken the automation expertise we have gathered over the years in the industry and combined it with our human resources expertise to create an employee experience platform that, day in and day out, has been shown to boost employee engagement and foster a culture of honesty and trustworthiness. By conducting frequent surveys to gauge employee happiness, you may always have a finger on the company’s pulse. Empactivo is a platform for improving the work experience of employees and fostering open lines of communication between the organization and its staff. The future of team unity is brighter when employees are comfortable enough to speak their minds and share the sentiments that might lead to friction. The study that yielded these findings also demonstrates the value of open lines of communication in the workplace.

Supplements for Motivated Employees: Activities Outside of the Office

It’s possible that during work hours, you haven’t considered the possibility that one of your employees is also a mother, a son, a football fan, a musician, a gamer, a jogger who frequents the park on weekends, or a movie buff. But, the reality of employee engagement is that, for a person to feel complete on a mental, social, and professional level, they need time and space to pursue their passions outside of the workplace. Because of this, Empactivo’s community platform is designed to help employees with similar passions connect with one another.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games for your staff. We all must deal with adversity at some point. We all put a high value on the folks who stand with us through this testing period. There is a positive correlation between employee engagement and the company’s willingness to support them through personal challenges.

Freshness of Employee Engagement – Relevance

When you remove a plant’s dead leaves, more light and nutrients may reach the plant’s healthy leaves. This example also reflects another aspect of the truth about employee engagement in a company. It’s possible that your company’s employee engagement policy will include provisions that are out of place in the employee mass. You are free to keep putting time and money into these avenues. If that’s the case, it could be wise to reevaluate those costs and eliminate the extras that your staff doesn’t use. The people working for you are the best resource for knowledge on this topic. So, what methods can you use to get responses from staff members? We explained that Empactivo has a survey tool where you may ask them directly. If you’re interested in learning more about Empactivo, a demo is available for request right here.

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