15 Fun Things to Put in Employee Newsletter

fun things to put in employee newsletter

There are fun things to put in employee newsletter! Company newsletters don’t have to be boring as they seem. Their missions are bringing the team together, serving out news about the company, and in general, making everyone sure that the organization is better informed.

It is impossible to write a perfect newsletter after reading this article but there are some fun things to put in the employee newsletter.

Charts and Graphs

I am using graphics as an easy and colorful way to learn helps to increase demand for the company newsletter.

Top 10 List

It will be one of the fun things to put in employee newsletter. Employees will read the ranking of the 10 things that people like the most. These things don’t have to be related to work.


Celebrating anniversaries is a precious activity for people who have worked in the same company for many years, while it is a good activity to integrate new employees with old ones. Fort his reason, reminding anniversaries through the newspaper will be an amusing activity for employees to read.

Memes About the Company

In the working places, there might be funny pictures of employees, and editors of the newsletter can create memes by writing funny sentences on the photo. A hundred percent of employees will eagerly wait for their own memes to be made.

Job Openings

If you or another friendly company have new job openings, mentioning them in the employee newsletter and inviting the employees to the jobs might be interesting for the employees.

Pop Culture References

While writing about something in the newsletter, providing pop culture references will be of interest to readers. We all like to see what we enjoy the most. It will definitely gonna be one of the best fun things to put in employee newsletter.

New Hires

It might help old employees get to know new employees. With the community tool of Empactivo you can also achieve this. People will get to know each other in specifically organized communities. New hires can get to know each other, and cinema enthusiasts can get to know each other in another group. Therefore the bond and spirit of the company will be uplifted.

Books, Movies, and TV Shows

As we were talking about the community tool of Empactivo let’s talk more about intellectuals working for your company. Talking about books, movies, TV shows and editors making their own comments is something that attracts the attention of employees. This might create a new topic that employees can talk about among themselves.

Blogs – Fun Things to Put in Employee Newsletter

As Empactivo, there may be a blog that employees can actively post in there. In the workplace, there are a lot of boring topics that employees talk about all the time. Thanks to the blog employees can read or write about other topics related to jobs but in another way.

In the blog of Empactivo, there are not only articles about employee experience but also there are many articles about daily life.


Podcasts, which are a way that pushes people to learn and have fun, are also an option that can be preferred in terms of being easy to listen to while working. These can be podcasts where employees working in other departments at work come and talk about the hobbies they do in their own lives.

Social Media Interactions

If the company is a company in the field of advertising or social media production, publishing the interaction numbers of the account in the company newsletter is a fun way to increase the motivation of the employees.

Motivational Quotes

Putting motivational quotes in the newsletter, making them more colorful and nice to look at, creates a fun atmosphere in the Office by getting employees to discuss these quotes. Also, maybe they want to see their favorite quotes every day at their table.

Miscellaneous Trivia

Trivia questions that create a common topic to gather and discuss in any environment can be put in company newsletters to break the ice between employees. It also helps employees learn and have fun at the same time.

Learning Opportunities

Providing employees with learning opportunities so that they can add new things to themselves can make company newsletters more interesting for employees.

Upcoming events

Suggesting employees to culture and art events helps them to be aware of the many events and opportunities. It is important for employees to be able to spare time for themselves outside of work, both in terms of productivity and learning new things.

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