12 Elements of Employee Engagement

12 elements of employee engagement

Why are we listing the 12 elements of employee engagement? So, here is the answer. We need the motivation to get up early for our work. Employees, generally prefer a job where they can motivate themselves enough to get up early on Monday morning. Of course, it is not possible for employees to provide this motivation by themselves. Some initiatives should be made by the HR department to both motivate and retain employees.

In this article, we will offer 12 elements of employee engagement to make it easier to strengthen the bounds.

1- Employees should know what is expected of them

It is important for the team to understand the expectations that are awaited from them. It only can be supplied by improved open communication. Discussing topics openly during 1-1 and having a perfect strategy for a team makes it completely disambiguate what’s required of the team at work. Also, these discussions should be routine as well as possible because the expectations might be changed depending on the term. Lastly, expectations also apply to the quality of work which is another standard that should be reinforced.

2- They should have sufficient resources and staff

There are many employees who see this phrase as the main ingredient for getting a job. Some workplaces do not endue with necessary resources and they expect employees to provide their own resources. As expected, this is a major driving article against the company. However, this is not like the taxi drivers without cabs, this is more like remote workers missing stable wifi or programs that aren’t supplied by the employer. Even if they are paid enough to supply the materials, employees must obtain the materials they are entitled to from the workplace.

3- They should have a chance to do their best every day

Every employee has different skills or talents that they used to get the status they’ve been recruited to. In many workplaces, the main problem is that their liabilities became noncompliant with those skills or talents. In every position of life, a person wants to work on the things that she/he can do her/him best. Because of this, when a team member doesn’t feel comfortable about the projects that they do, she/he couldn’t put out a quality result. Putting everyone on the task that they do best is the top-flight version. This might seem hard but using software that is expert in skills matching is the easiest way to identify employees better.

4- Every employee should feel visible in the workplace

Employees want to feel visible to everyone in the workplace, superior or not. Giving ideas in the workplace is the main necessity to go one step further. When an employee gives an idea and feels that the idea is ignored by their teammates, her/his working efficiency gradually decreases. One of the most important reasons for the decrease in performance is the downfall in enthusiasm for the job and, accordingly, the lack of commitment as before. It is necessary to listen carefully to the ideas that are given by employees, even if it is not sensible.

5- Getting to know each other in the team – 12 Elements of Employee Engagement

If there is a team working together to do a job, they ought to know each other widely because they should be able to do the best division of labor. When something goes wrong, they need to know who can do her/his best to solve this problem. This property will also make it easier for the team working together to do prosperous work without major problems.

6- There is someone who gives feedback about employees’ progress

An employee needs to be aware of her/his own development since joining the company. Of course, this can also be done by self-evaluation, but it is always more useful to receive feedback from someone. Being conscious of one’s development is often a difficult situation. Because of this, someone giving feedback to employees is always more helpful for employees to recognize both mistakes and improvement.

7- Employees want to see that this job helps them to improve themselves

This is the seventh of the 12 elements of employee engagement. Employees generally improve their abilities while studying by attending conferences, reading books, and doing research on the internet. Their expectation when starting a job is to be able to add more to their knowledge. Employees are often unable to motivate themselves at work when they notice they can’t contribute.

8- People like to have someone else they can call a friend at their workplace.

It may sound like a strange item, but 3 out of 10 employees say this item is directly related to loyalty to the company. Employees say that when they find a friend with that they can talk about many things in the workplace, they feel more comfortable and safe. Also, they can motivate themselves more easily to go to work.

9- There should be someone who appears to be interested in me at work

Every company has a different working method. When an employee gets a job she/he needs someone to help her/him get used to it. In addition, someone who can explain is required not only when the employee is new to the job, but also when she/he has a question while she/he is actively working.

10- Colleagues and coworkers are dedicated to producing high-quality results.

The absence of people who don’t have superordinate goals around causes a lack of motivation in every aspect of life. This situation has parallels with business life. When your colleagues show the desire inside about high goals to move the company forward, you can motivate yourself easily about working more and more productively.

11- The office environment must be healthy and clean

Employee health is a necessary substance for the continuity of work. Employees can’t show the necessary efficiency because they feel sluggish and tired even when they come to work with a slight illness. Cleanliness is not only important for the health of employees, but it is also about the employees’ love of their work areas. No employee wants to be in a workspace where they are not happy.

12- There should be a reward system or celebrations at the workplace

The way to increase employee loyalty to the company is to motivate them. Celebrating the achievements of the company with all employees and making them feel that they have contributed to these successes is important for increasing employee engagement.

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