Employee Engagement in Theory and Practice

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Employee engagement in theory and practice has slight differences. Employee engagement can be talked about but in the end, only the ideas that can find a space for themselves become trends. We are going to focus on those differences in this blog post.

Employee engagement is a vague term that can be defined with as many variations as possible. An employee can be understood as an individual employee or the totality of the employees. Engagement is another word that is very open to interpretation. That makes this term special yet hard to integrate into the company plans for the year.

Employee engagement is the connectedness of the employees to the company. When the employees and the company’s aims align, we call this situation employee engagement. Every company aims for engaged employees and searches for solutions for disengaged employees. Yet not every idea turns into a solution, nor not every theory turns into practice.

Employee Engagement in Theory and Practice

In theory, employee engagement is pointing to the well-being of the individuals that are working for the company while the work is getting done. Imagine an office where everybody who’s working there seems to look healthy and focused. Everybody shares a friendly atmosphere at work. Everybody is balanced, focused, and has an equally just workload. This is impossible most of the time because the business world is often full of chaos. To maintain a peaceful atmosphere at work one must be ready for unexpected bad news, changes in schedules, and trembling of the personal life while the work needs to be done. That is the main reason why employee engagement in theory and practice has some differences.

How do We Perceive Engagement

As human beings often we tend to think within our experiences, and we don’t take into count other possibilities. Like in an experiment, as we let it be, life happens without asking us and the solutions we have thought might be insufficient in the end. Here are some practical employee engagement tips for you to differentiate between what is just an idea and what really works!

Employee Engagement Platform – Empactivo

Mobile employee experience apps and employee experience platforms are the most beneficial tools when it comes to employee engagement. Like Empactivo itself! We can proudly say that what is working in this field with years of human resources experience combined with automation systems. Empactivo provides lots of fun modules and sub-categories that’ll help you and your team to ignite.
With instant surveys, you can keep the pulse of your staff. You can easily divide the company into groups such as women, employees who’re younger than 25, or married ones… And with the application that had been downloaded to everyone’s cell phones, you can track down what you are searching for. Click here to create a request for our demo!

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