Employee Engagement The Key to Improving Performance

employee engagement the key to improving performance

We can say that employee engagement is the key to improving performance. The research about this topic also shows us so. Employee engagement the key to improving performance is the name of this research. You can easily access this research by clicking here.

To summarize this valuable research, we will focus on employee engagement strategies. We previously wrote an article on employee engagement and you can read it here.
Employee engagement is the key to improving performance article states employee engagement strategies as a list. And this list goes like this:

1) It All Begins on Day One

Employee engagement is not an event but an atmosphere that all parts of a company inhale. So, it is important to provide a clean air of engagement starting from day one.

2) From Leader to Employees

Employee engagement requires hardworking and commitment from the leader of the company. It is not easy to maintain an employee engagement system if the leaders of the company aren’t committed. All the good things and bad things start from the top.

3) Two-way Communication

Two-way communication is emphasizing the importance of open communication here. Giving the opportunity to express their ideas and emotions related to work provides employees with an environment that is easy to engage with.

4) Improvement and Advancement Pays Off

Working at a company is aligning your aims and targets to an outsource. And this kind of alignment requires self-improvement opportunities for keeping employees. We are focusing on employee improvement through our mobile employee experience app Empactivo. These development and advancement opportunities may include certain education and spaces for employees to develop new skills.

5) All the Tools for the Job

While working at a job it is essential to have all the tools. These tools can be information, material, or even a quiet and clean place to work. A company should provide the tools to employees to expect employee engagement. Employee engagement the key to improving performance research is telling us so.

6) Education is the Heart of Engagement

The list goes on with training as they are very important to have knowledgeable employees. Also, learning new things gives the job the spice it needs.

7) Do you have a strong feedback system?

The importance of having a good feedback culture is maybe the most essential part of employee engagement. The feedback system should be clear and polite yet honest. From top to the bottom every part of the company should be able to give and receive feedback.

8) Rewarding Also Pays Off

Recognition is over rewarding but still, we are not living in a world of thoughts. So, everyone occasionally appreciates a good gift. If we want employee engagement to be the key to improving performance, it’s better we provide perks for hardworking employees.

9) Company Culture and Core Values

Working at a company should mean something to their employees. Having a distinctive company culture requires having values. These values can get adopted by the employees of the company. This adoption helps build strong connections between the company and the employees. We all know that it is priceless to be able to proudly say “I work at x company, and I love my job”

10) Focus on top-performing employees

Sometimes we choose to focus on our not working well employees while the hard workers do the job. So it is wise to focus on top-performing employees and treat them to enhance employee engagement.


In this blog post, we discussed employee engagement as the key to improving performance. We looked at employee engagement strategies for this blog post to be useful. Now that you know these strategies you can do a checklist for your company if you are using these strategies to build stronger engagements between the company and the employees.

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