Collective Fun: Puzzles for Employee Newsletter

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Have you ever thought of puzzles for employee newsletter? If not maybe it’s just the time! By doing so you would encourage team building. It’s not always simple, but being on a team may help you develop talents that would be difficult to acquire otherwise.

To be more specific, organizations might have trouble figuring out how to best use each member’s skills and strengths. Team building is the only activity that may enable you to implement the productivity and well-being of the members, especially if the team was recently created or is made up of extremely diverse individuals who thus regularly argue with one another. To foster better team-building activities you can use our puzzles for employee newsletter.

Playing together, getting to know one another, and working together to reach new objectives that are distinct from the company’s but shared and driven by the moment is exactly what your staff will be able to do thanks to this experience.
Building a team based on cooperation allows for the development of numerous abilities. Teamwork, empathy, and emotional intelligence are three of the most crucial qualities.
Support, encourage, and assist your team with entertaining and effective collaboration games, whether they are:

• Activities planned and organized by experts;

• Quick games to play in the office or outdoors, triggered by you using our guide.

As a result, we’ll offer a few of these ultimate projects for you to work on by yourself. Find out which one is ideal for your situation by reading on it!


Duration: 30 minutes
A group of Lego blocks is required.
Goals: Develop a Consensus Strategy and Promote Open Communication

This exercise involves the presence of an instructor and two or more groups of 3-6 people.
Initially, the presenter needs to make a little sculpture with the Lego brickset. Then, with just 30 seconds of observation time, the teams will try to recreate it as accurately as possible!
In order to replicate the teacher’s precise presentation, each group will need to coordinate and communicate effectively with one another and the instructor.
When the time is up, the conductor will assess which team came closest to recreating his work and award points accordingly. 

The Ball of Socialization – Puzzles for Employee Newsletter

Duration: 20-30 minutes
Needed; a softball
Objectives: To stimulate communication and collaboration, and to identify goals.

This brief encounter may be incredibly informative and formative for this one before we call this one of the puzzles for employee newsletter. Inside, the participants are members of a single group and are positioned in a circle. This stance, able to promote eye contact between everybody, is crucial since the activity requires them to toss a ball at each other.
The conversations are continual. When the ball is tossed, the name of the member it is intended at must be spoken, and so on.
The game continues until everyone has touched the ball. At that time, the participants will have to be asked to recollect the sequence of exchanges, in order to later comprehend what logic it may be ascribed to.   

How Well Do You Know Me? – Puzzles for Employee Newsletter

Duration: 30 Minutes

Sheets of paper and pencils are needed for this game and the objective is to enhance communication and mutual knowledge among colleagues.

This novel and engaging game, at the same time, is incredibly informative and a source of deep insights.
It is a basic and brief game, in which each player needs to write three facts about the on the pages given.
But watch out, since only two of them can be correct! Once all the players have finished the creation of their list, one by one they will have to begin to read the written qualities to the other participants, in such a manner as not to make them comprehend the wrong one!
After each reading, the remaining team members will have to face off against one another in an effort to determine who has been giving false information.
At the conclusion of the game, you will be able to find facts and falsehoods. In this approach, I will be motivated to ponder on the potential of having made hasty judgments. 

Puzzles for Employee Newsletter

Tower of Team – Puzzles for Employee Newsletter

Duration: 15-30 Minutes

Required items include spaghetti, scotch, thread, a pen, and a marshmallow.
Our goals are to get acquainted with one another as a team and to put into practice the appropriate creative strategies.
Each group will be given a package of spaghetti, a roll of scotch tape, some thread, a pen, and a marshmallow to use in this icebreaker.
The group’s mission is to construct a tower out of that specific kind of pasta without using any of the surrounding walls as support.
A demanding and fascinating task that calls for pinpoint accuracy, meticulous planning, and some creative thinking outside the box.
If the tower with the marshmallow on top is still standing when time runs out, that team wins.

Empactivo’s Answer&Win

Duration: 15 Minutes

Can be played by only one person or as a group!

The Empactivo feature, which makes all these games easy and enjoyable with different questions, also offers a great puzzle opportunity for team building. For example, questions about teammates, both entertain employees and nurture team spirit. This game allows team members to get to know each other profoundly!

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