Mobile Employee Experience Platform: Why It’s the Future of Workplace?

mobile employee experience platform

Mobile employee experience platform may seem like just another way of saying, but it’s much more than that. We spend almost a quarter of our lives (25 years) working, thus it’s only fair that this “experience” be prioritized! However, we often prioritize concrete details like financial gain. Because we expect individuals to just perform their job, it’s easy to forget about the employee experience at work.

It’s no surprise that Millenials, AKA the experience generation, now make up %35 of the working population; as a result, the tide has turned, and attention is now focused on mobile employee experience platforms. So, what exactly is a platform designed to improve the work experience for employees?

How can we Define Employee Experience?

Let’s define the word by separating it into its component parts before we go on to discuss the features of a great employee experience platform and why HR and business executives should invest in one. In other words, what exactly is “employee experience?” As we already discussed in our previous blog post here, today we want to underlie some important details again.

For a comprehensive but accessible definition of employee experience, we may turn to industrial and organizational psychologists.
The employee experience encompasses every stage of employment, from hiring through termination. It’s an all-encompassing strategy that considers employees’ physical and emotional health in addition to their productivity at work.

Initiated by the organization as a whole, these kinds of programs are designed to keep employees focused, healthy, involved, motivated, and on track. Since this is a business-wide project, the responsibility for it should not rest with just one person or one department; rather, everyone in the firm should pitch in.

Mobile Employee Experience Platform
  • In what ways does a mobile employee experience platform differ from other types of websites?

If you hear the word “platform” used here, just know that it refers to a collection of technologies. It’s a handy place to store several different instruments at once.

What Do You Get With A Mobile Employee Experience Platform

What does using a mobile employee experience platform bring to your company? In what ways do you improve and what kind of gains will these improvements return to you practically? Here are the answers.

-More Adaptability

Employees in a well-run mobile employee experience platform have more options for when and where they may put in their time. Because they are aimed to communicate and collaborate without being tied to a certain location or time. Because of this, they can strike a better balance between their professional and personal lives.

-Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

With the help of online tools like Google Docs and calendars, teams can work together in real-time to get things done without having to wait. Mobile employee experience platforms are just adding more lines of communication to this connection. As a result of technological developments, employees can do more in less time. A recent poll found that %77 remote employees reported increased productivity. This is probably because of technological developments that simplify procedures and increase productivity.

-Modified Methods of Interaction and Creative Thinking

A well-designed mobile employee experience platform facilitates a continuous flow of ideas inside your firm by fostering two-way communication between management and employees. An interactive poll is only one example of the kind of communication tool that may be used on a social intranet to guarantee that all employees are given a voice

-Growth Satisfaction of Employees

Cohesive professional bonds that encourage cooperation and a feeling of belonging may be fostered via the use of collaboration tools such as staff directories, social profiles, and activity feeds.

-Improvement in Efficiency

Key performance metrics like bounce rate and time on site may be tracked with the use of efficient digital technologies, such as an intranet that takes advantage of Google Analytics connection. Your internal and external operations may both be optimized using the data you collect.

Empactivo’s Point of View

The key to making work more efficient is giving a streamlined set of tools to employees. Our perspective, though, is far broader. As Empactico we define a mobile employee experience platform as a central hub. This hub provides a uniform and user-friendly set of resources for employee engagement, wellness, productivity, collaboration, and communication. It’s made with employees in mind, catering to their wants while providing them with benefits that extend well beyond increased output.

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