Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience

The candidate’s recruiting experience has a direct influence on how he or she will view and appraise the whole firm. If a job candidate is mistreated, he or she will most likely communicate an unfavorable view about the firm to others, and will not utilize the company’s services or goods. That is why it is so crucial to care for the applicant’s experience. What precisely is the candidate’s experience?  Find the answers below!

What is candidate experience?

The total of all events relating to the firm as an employer that appears in the consciousness of a prospective employee may be termed a candidate experience. Therefore, it is not only about the evaluation of the interview itself, but also about the candidate’s perceptions linked to the job posting or the first e-mail from the recruiter. The candidate experience research pertains to the period before recruitment, the application process itself, the interview, and the experiences following this step.

Benefits Of The Candidate Experience Research

What would you benefit from using the applicant experience survey in your company? Invaluable information that will help you to enhance the recruiting process, a better image of the firm as an employer, and a lot of time and money saved on inefficient operations hr.

Strengths And Weaknesses

You are undoubtedly striving to make the recruiting at your firm successful and nice. By asking applicants what they appreciated during the process, you will obtain validation of which acts are your true strength. On the other side, when you ask about places where things may be improved, you will get a number of recommendations (e.g. displaying a map with the entry to the building indicated, describing all steps of recruitment in the first e-mail to candidates, etc). (e.g. posting a map with the entrance to the building marked, listing all stages of recruitment in the first e-mail to applicants, etc.). The execution of most of them will not take you too long, but it will have a beneficial influence on the experiences of other applicants.

Candidates’ Expectations and TheRole Profile

Typically, firms have the same recruiting requirements for all divisions. Meanwhile, applicants’ expectations towards the prospective employer may fluctuate based on the department they apply to. For example, for persons seeking a job in the IT department, waiting more than 5 days for a response to a recruiting application is simply too lengthy. For applicants seeking employment in the marketing department, it may be vital that the job post provides a description of the marketing tools and programs utilized in the organization.

What Differentiates The Competition

People who are actively seeking a job are a mine of information regarding how the recruiting process is organized in other firms. Asking the applicant to compare your company’s hiring process to that of others is a good idea.


When we ask a person for their opinion, we show that we value and respect them. The applicant experience survey operates on the same premise. If you opt to run a poll like this, even those who don’t make it through the first phases of the hiring process will feel valued and regarded as partners. There’s little doubt that this experience will have a good impact on the company’s overall rating.

How do you go about doing a survey of your employees?
Candidates’ happiness with the hiring process may be easily gauged through a questionnaire provided to them after the recruiting process has concluded. Open-ended and closed-ended questions should be included in the questionnaire.

It is important to know how a candidate learned about the opportunity, whether or not he was satisfied with the way he made contact with a company representative, when and how the recruitment process was completed, what aspects of the hiring process stood out, and what areas needed improvement, and whether or not he would recommend the company to others.

It will be explained in the next piece on our blog how to conduct a company-wide survey of candidates’ experiences (See: Candidate experience survey step by step)


The same blunders in the hiring process might cost you not just applicants but customers as well. Can your firm afford to keep making the same mistakes? A candidate experience survey should definitely be a consideration. The company’s reputation will be built and the top professionals will join the team as a result of this.

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