Cyberbullying: How to Avoid It?

Cyberbullies or trolls are people who intentionally provoke others and enjoy that situation. Maybe there are cyberbullies in your office. If you are suspecting someone is cyberbullying you, here are some tips on how to identify trolls, how to be immune to them and how to warn them properly.

Who is a Cyberbully?

We can’t tag everyone with infelicity as a cyberbully. How to know one is a cyberbully? Their word chooses are provocative and they are intentionally trying to upset you. Their words seem harmful. They might wrap their statements with fancy gift paper but in that gift box, you can find the harassing sentences. They call people harassing names. They don’t answer questions immediately and they cause your part of the job to delay. They may also use inappropriate language.

Smaller businesses, on the other hand, may want to attack larger businesses in order to tear them apart. They will do so to troll its soul, its sole reason for existing. It may not only be intentional but strategical.

How To Stop Cyberbullying?

Don’t take their statements personally. Bullies tend to choose the ones who seem weak. So if you act emotionally towards them you’ll easily become a victim. To prevent that, you should inform their behavior to your employer immediately. If your company has a culture that prevents that kind of people it is good for you. But as we mentioned earlier, sometimes those behaviors are wrapped in a gift paper. If that is your case, be careful and do not let them hurt you or decrease your motivation to work. If there is a problem there is always a solution.



Acting immediately and responding as soon as possible are the solutions. That means if the bully starts an argument on weekends the team should be prepared to respond right away.

Time goes by very quickly so it’s important to have a plan for digital mobbers before they act. Your company’s HR team can work together with legal forces and have a proper principle. Your company’s team can cooperate with other responsible people like the social media crew.


If cyberbullying is an issue in your business, you have to always keep in mind that you’re dealing with people. For example, what you make today will affect tomorrow’s chances or lack of chances. And also, referring to digital mobbing what you do to others will most likely affect you and your business and this may come at the most improper times.

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